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Do you have the next great idea that will change the Internet? Your idea may be too big to fit inside a boxed content management System YouTube, Facebook, Google, Expedia, Amazon and the world's best known websites were all custom-developed applications. That means you need a company like Sprintshell Design Solutions to help bring your project to life.

There are very few web development companies with the expertise to develop a website with custom functionality. Not only do you need a company with the programming staff who will develop the functionality, you need a company with the design team who will make sure the layout is intuitive and user-friendly and the SEO staff who will help you position your product online once it is launched.

For projects of this type a Blueprinting process is required, where all the details for your project are indicated in a deliverables document. This insures your project will be developed to your exact specifications, provides our development team with a road map for your project and protects your investment. This process also helps to alleviate oversights during the planning process that can cause cost overruns once development begins.

Content Management System

Some in our industry recommend full Content Management System (CMS) websites for their clients. However it's important to consider the benefits and disadvantages that come along with CMS. If you have an ecommerce website, then it is very important for you to be able to make changes to your products and pricing. Or if it is important for you to keep pictures or events up to date, then web applications can be integrated into your website to allow for that functionality. But if you have a reliable web design company at your fingertips, why not have them make other more extensive changes to your website?

Sometimes "boxed" solutions don't quite provide the functionality you want, or you require an enterprise solution for your company. In those cases we have the capability to develop a custom CMS to your exact specifications. Everything we develop is built to be portable, which means you are never locked into a long-term contract, you own your entire system, and can move everything to a new provider if desired. For an example of a custom CMS developed by Sprintshell

Many clients who have engaged Sprintshell Design Solutions to develop a CMS website eventually also engage us for a Website Support plans because they quickly learn other responsibilities such as hiring, payroll, and sales take priority over the website. The website then falls off the radar and becomes stale, which is bad for your audience and search engine optimization reasons. Clients also learn when they try to make changes to the website , they often harm the design integrity of the website because they aren't designers. Once you harm the design of your website, your business starts looking amateurish and you lose the ability to convert visitors into customers.

It is also important to mention that many Content Management Solutions are not search engine friendly, and also have security vulnerabilities.

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